Our focus is not only the talent but the overall concept and branding of the artist.

Music is music, whether its country, pop, hip hop, jazz or alternative, as a recording label, we understand that notion from the perspective of being fans of music as well as a record label.
Our company is completely self-contained, with the ability and resources to place artist globally.
Formed by director/producer Xavier X Mitchell, his vision is clear and focused. By using a couple key principles he embeds an attitude of winning in his roster;
1. Artists are businessmen – we educate and develop the artist to understand the economics, psychology and business of music. It is essential in order for them to create a longevity for their career.
2. Work hard be open minded – the days of “doing things the same way” are over. We want artists to exercise their creativity. Success lies outside of the box NOT within it.
We develop artist with concept of branding in mind. You must be able and capable to diversify.
Our unconventional approach to the business sets us apart. Although we realize the significance of our artists, we emphasize and highlight the TEAM that moves the artists’ machine. Every component, marketing, sales, PR, legal, business affairs, A&R, etc.. must be happy. If your team is happy…. The artist will be happy.